Atom 4

Ariel Motor Company announces the launch of the latest evolution of the Ariel Atom

Designed by the in-house Ariel team, the Atom 4 continues the now iconic design, but is an entirely new car from the ground-up.  Building on the learning from previous generations, customer feedback, Ariel assembly technicians and significant R&D by Ariel in recent years, the Atom 4 preserves the essential Ariel qualities but progresses the design and engineering further into the most powerful and able Atom yet. 

ARIEL ATOM 4 - 009 - S
ARIEL ATOM 4 - 011 - S
ARIEL ATOM 4 - 006 - S
ARIEL ATOM 4 - 008 - S
ARIEL ATOM 4 - 010 - S
ARIEL ATOM 4 - 007 - S


Atom 4 features the latest Honda Type R turbo engine giving 320bhp as standard, all-new chassis, suspension, steering and brakes, all-new bodywork with significant aerodynamic improvements, new seating and instrumentation together with a host of design improvements and changes.  With an open design brief to improve the car wherever possible, the Atom 4 represents another big step forward in the evolution of the Atom. 


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